12 Jun, 2019

21:00 - 23:00

Nilipek., who started her musical education with her early years of piano, violin and bass guitar, began to write her own songs in her high school years. While studying Guidance and Psychological Counseling in Bogazici University, she played bass guitar in an indie rock band called ‘Lemur’, which she established with Deniz Yıldız and Ergin Tural. Having released its first EP at the end of 2010, Lemur became a semifinalist in Be the Band music contest. While she was in the Netherlands for her Master’s degree, she wrote and sang in a dream pop group called Hypnotic School; the band released 4 singles and several remixes. As soon as she came back to Turkey in 2013, Nilipek. decided to focus on her own songs. After performing in various venues and festivals, she recorded her first album ‘Sabah’ in 2015, produced by Ozan Tekin. ‘Sabah’ was shown among the best albums of the year by notable music writers, and the album was followed by ‘Sabah (Remix)’, which enabled Nilipek.’s stories to touch other genres. Two years after her debut album, Nilipek. recorded her second studio album with Can Aydinoglu on guitars, Ozan Tekin on keys, Umut Cetin on bass and Berkay Kucukbaslar on drums. “Döngü” was released in December 2017 with the label Kabak & Lin; while her songs started to find its way through mainstream media, via different TV series and commercials.

During 2018, she released two singles; Gozleri Aska Gulen, and old Turkish song, and Beraber, the theme for youth TV Series called 4N1K. Towards the end of the year, her acoustic live album ‘Havanın Suyun Muhabbeti’ was released. Nilipek. still performs in different venues and festivals and works on her third studio album with her band: Can Aydinoglu on guitars, Umut Cetin on bass, Berkay Kucukbaslar on drums and Isik Ustundag on trombone.

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