08 Dec, 2019

22:00 -

With their new project saxophonist Stefan Gottfried

and guitarist Jasper Iturrospe combine two different

musical worlds. Classical Guitar and Jazz Saxophone.

After years of experience in their respective fields,

they decided to take on this musical challenge, put

together and arranged a diverse variety of music for

this unique combination. The result is a program featuring music from Astor

Piazzolla, Claude Debussy, compositions by Ralph

Towner to Brazilian music including works by

Pixinguihna and the timeless beauty of Antônio

Carlos Jobim’s Bossa Novas.

The mix of South American music, Impressionism

and jazz, reflected by their own compositions, has

led Stefan and Jasper to create a unique sound. They

highlight and blend different facets of the two

instruments and take the listener on an interesting

and enjoyable musical journey.