Andrei Senkevich: Singer-Songwriter

20 Feb, 2019

21:00 - 23:00

In February 2015 his debut album “Мечтатели серых улиц” (“Grey streets Dreamers”) was released. In April 2016 he released the single “СВЕТ” (“LIGHT’), in April 2018 the single “Як быццам сон” (“Like a dream”). He has been touring Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova, Iceland, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. The project is constantly expanding its geography and is now working on the next multilingual record in 7 languages.

These are songs about the roads and the distances, love and sincerity, dreams and changes. Every song is not just a story or a tale, it’s a cry of soul and a call to action or at least thoughts about it.